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What is Wizzi?

Wizzi is an app that connects students with questions to students with answers. For great students looking to put their knowledge to work, becoming a Wiz is the smartest way to earn money on campus.

  • Teach classes you’ve taken to students who need help
  • Work on your own time, be your own boss
  • Make up to $25/hour

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Great students make successful tutors.

With the best tutoring advice and guidelines, Wizzi will turn you from a good student to a great Wiz. Teach as little or often as you want. One subject, every subject. Evenings or mornings.

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Wizzi is run by students like you.

Earning and learning using Wizzi is all about you. Recruit your friends to join the community and you’ll get bonuses and free meetups. We’re all in this together!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wizzi?

A Wiz is a student tutor. Take your knowledge from classes you’ve aced and help others succeed – you’ll get paid for your help! It’s the best job on campus.

How do I become a Wiz?

Apply to become a Wiz here. We’ll need your name and personal information as well as your transcripts to verify your grades. Expect to hear back within a few business days.

How much can I make?

It’s up to you! You’ll take home 80% of the cost of each meetup – that’s about $17 for 30 minutes of work. The more you’re available, the more opportunities you’ll have to teach and earn.

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