Wizzi FAQ

What is Wizzi?

Wizzi is a collegiate peer-to-peer tutoring marketplace that creates affordable real-time learning opportunities. It’s an easy app that connects students with questions to students with answers, and it’s a great way to learn and earn on campus. It’s an app that connects students to student tutors.

Who's in Charge?

Students are in charge! Wizzi creates an economy where students use their knowledge to help each other and create success on campus. Every Wizzi campus has a ZEO, a student leader who connects directly with the Wizzi founders. Wizzi is run by students.

Where is Wizzi available?

Wizzi is currently available on these campuses. To bring Wizzi to your school, connect with the team here.

Using Wizzi to Learn

What classes are offered?

Whatever your peers are teaching. To teach a class, a Wiz has to verify that they got an A. So you can find someone who’s succeeded in your class, with your professor. If there aren’t enough options, help your school’s Wizzi community grow!

How do I find a Wiz?

Locate the class you’re struggling with in your Wizzi profile and swipe left. You can choose to Meet Up Now and find a Wiz right away, or choose Meet Up Later and schedule Wizzi when it’s convenient for you.

How can a Wiz help?

They’ve aced your class! Your Wiz has earned the grades and mastered the subject – they’ll help you find that ‘a-ha’ moment where everything clicks.

Are Wizzes qualified to teach?

Not only have they gotten the grades, but every Wiz follows our proprietary teaching method. Your Wiz will give you help, context, and explanations so you can find the answers yourself. A Wiz must be an active student.

How many Wizzes are at my school?

That depends. It’s up to you, the students, how active the Wizzi community is. If you don’t see enough options, help out.

How much does it cost?

A basic 30-minute meetup is just $20. You can use Wizzi just once or make it a regular thing.

How do I pay?

All payments are processed through the Wizzi app. You can add a credit or debit card and pay as you go or load your account with prepaid dollars (thanks, parents!).

Can my parents load my account with money?

Yep. Show them how Wizzi works and they can add as much money as they want to your profile. Like a Wiz, it’ll be there when you need it.

Can I use Wizzi to learn and be a Wiz at the same time?

Yes! As an active student, you can teach the classes you’ve aced and use Wizzi to keep succeeding. It’s an entire on-campus economy where knowledge powers everything.

Using Wizzi to Earn

How much can I make?

Again, it’s up to you! You’ll take home 80% of the cost of each meetup – that’s about $17 for 30 minutes of work. The more you’re available, the more opportunities you’ll have to teach and earn.

How do I get more business?

Ratings and reputation. After a meetup, the student you helped will be asked to rate you. Be timely, professional, courteous, and helpful and you’ll get good ratings. As your clout within Wizzi grows, so will your revenue.


Who runs Wizzi

Wizzi was founded by a small group of Indiana University graduates who found it frustrating to find good help on campus. Traditional tutoring is way too expensive and universities’ office hours systems are broken, so the team created Wizzi. On each Wizzi campus, a paid student entrepreneur leads the recruitment effort.

What are the qualifications of your Wizzes?

Not only have they gotten the grades, but every Wiz follows our proprietary teaching method. Your Wiz will give you help, context, and explanations so you can find the answers yourself. A Wiz must be an active student.

How many Wizzes are at my school?

Every Wiz is required to verify that they received an A in each class they offer. That’s on the same campus, with the same professor. Then, they receive instruction in Wizzi’s proprietary CICE teaching method – that’s Contextual, Interactive, Constructive, and Engaging. A Wiz will help your student understand the material and reach the correct answers themselves.

Why should my student use Wizzi?

Who better to learn from than a student who’s taken your class? Using Wizzi is like having a smart, helpful friend that’s always available and in all your classes.

• Wizzi is much more affordable than traditional tutors
• Students get help only in what they need
• Wizzi is always available – no office hours, no set schedule

Is Wizzi safe?

Students hold each other accountable and report any trouble to Wizzi. A student without great ratings won’t be matched up for meetups.

What does my student’s schools think of Wizzi?

Wizzi is a technology tool that enables students to help each other more easily. Like the university, we have high standards of academic integrity and believe that nothing is more important for students than real learning. We do not have an official relationship with the universities we serve, but we have the same goals.

Is there a guarantee of success?

Wizzi offers vetted student tutors, a teaching program developed by an award-winning professor, and extremely high standards of integrity. We enable students to guarantee their own success.